Tips for creating the Best Shop Display

December 16th, 2015

It is not just enough to have a great store with great products. You must use the right shop display to attract people into your shop. With people nowadays busy on their phones or drivers in cars rushing by, many businesses make the mistake of not putting well-designed shop displays. True, the shop display only has a couple of seconds to make a positive impression, but you should always try your best to portray your business positively. Generally, to attract the attention of potential clients, you must not only stand out, but the display should be simple and readable.


Choose the shop display colours

A common mistake that many business owners make is using lighter colours on white backgrounds. While the shop display may be look very attractive, the white background may create some readability problems, particularly during daylight. The same applies for blue, purple and red on a black background. Also, avoid rainbow colour and neon combinations since they can distract people from the content of your shop’s display.


Use the right orientation for your shop display

Many retail store shop displays are best written horizontally. However, a skewed or vertical orientation may be also effective depending on your kind of store, your neighbourhood or your product. The key to finding the best shop display is trying several options using mock-ups of large-format paper.


Make the shop display copy readable

Avoid using complicated fonts or small text that is difficult to read. Furthermore, avoid using a busy graphic or heavy background colours as this affects the readability of the display. Simple is always best.


Keep the shop display simple

The worst thing you can have for a shop display is cluttering it up with either too much graphics or text. Use simple LED signs, printed banners or signs to inform customers about your work hours or any special sales.


Decide your aim for the shop display

Do you want to promote a sales campaign or are you looking to create a long-term branding effort. Thing about the objective of the display ensures you choose the right approaches, materials, and formats that bring lasting power, impact, efficiency and durability.

Finally, do not forget to consult the local licensing authorities before putting your shop display into production. Most municipalities have rules that cover sign height, location, size, lighting, and location. A good shop display is an excellent method of spreading the word about your business – but you does not want to spend a lot of money for a display you cannot put up. The same applies for promotional signs, sidewalk signs, and banners. For the best in shop display signs, check out

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