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Clogau - Spring 2016 - Cardiff
  M&S - Christmas 2015 Props  
Clogau - Christmas - Cardiff
Clogau - Christmas - Bridgend


Clogau - Spring 2016 - Cardiff D1 Design & Creative have been working with iconic Welsh jewellers' Clogau Gold f ...
Apart from making an attractive store with stylishly satisfying showcases, retail store design needs to be incorporated wi ...
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Creative Retail Design Company with Massive Experience on Shop Window Display / Design

D1 Design and Creative visual merchandising deliver bespoke window display design. With more than 20 years’ experience in retail design we strive to provide customised retail window display to the highest quality.

Window display is a great way to entice potential customers into your shop and is becoming a key focus of visual merchandising.  An eye catching shop window display can be a great marketing strategy as it can attract social media attention on blogs and help promote your brand. Window display design can complement your products and reflect well on your store.

As one of the leading display manufacturers we can ensure that your vision is expertly interpreted and delivered on time and within your budget. We create each window display design with passion and dedication.

As environmentally aware display manufacturers, we encourage our clients to reuse, recycle as well as re-develop the props, fixtures and displays that we create. We want to ensure that each widow display is original and sustainable.


A window display is found at the front of the store where products are placed to encourage consumers to come inside the store. It often features products that can be found inside the shop. This type of virtual merchandising varies depending on the season and availability of the products. More often than not, the window is well-lit. Even if the store is already closed, the window is lit so that passers-by can look at the products.

Most shops have a large window display so that they can place larger products and decorations. A well-designed window display along the sidewalk can attract pedestrians and even motorists. These potential customers will not be enticed to shop at the store if the window is not decorated. The retail design can be changed according to a specific season, sale, or feature the store’s most popular products. There are shop owners who keep the light on even if they close the shop at night. Those way customers can see the products any time of the day.

Window display is the best and fastest way of driving customers into the shop. A well-executed display will get a lot of interest from people passing by the store. It can help improve the bottom line of the business by bringing in substantial number of customers into the shop. But when the display is not well-planned, customers could be turned off by it and discourage them from going inside.

Keep in mind that the window displays in front of the shop is the first thing that people see when they are outside. That’s why it should provide a good first impression. With all the right elements, the display will make potential customers curious about what the shop has to offer and go inside it.

A window display is a type of visual merchandising that the store front must have. It can be used to introduce new items or promote items that are on sale. It can also be used to move slow moving items. Mannequins are often used to display garments more effectively. Some display feature specially designed cases and tables to show off items found in the store.

It is the first thing that customers do notice when they are walking past the shop. If it is interesting enough, they will take a second look at the window display. That’s why the display should appeal to potential customers. It should reflect what your business represents.

There are times when it is hard to think of concepts for the window display. There are companies that specialise in providing bespoke designs for the window. The design will be based on the season, items to be displayed, and the brand. They ensure that the display will be able to attract consumers and make them buy something from the store.